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All miles are not created equal

To better understand why you drive, Petrolr tracks how you use your vehicle - when, where, how often - in order to manage how much your driving costs so you can move through the world efficiently and effectively.

You can't manage what you don't measure

Trip Tracker

Why do you drive? Petrolr will help you manage how much time and money you spend commuting, running errands, etc.

Do you drive for work? Automatically track expensable work trips and easily produce your expense reports.


Set a monthly budget and treat your fuel costs like you would any other financial resource: make a plan, stick to the plan.

We call it Petrolrglass and it will help you track your budget throughout the month. Stay on budget and save money.


As petrolr grows you will be able to compete with your peers and see how you stack up against other drivers.

Always telling people how good of a driver you are? Think you're better than everyone else? Now you'll have proof!


Your own habits will reveal opportunities to minimize the miles you drive, saving you time and money.

Eliminate short trips. Connect with friends and colleagues who travel similar routes. Avoid traffic jams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Petrolr uses an inexpensive bluetooth enabled device to connect to the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port on your vehicle, sending data directly to your smart phone.

Connecting the device to the OBD port takes a couple seconds; the port is usually under the steering wheel. All vehicles 1996 and newer have an OBD port that Petrolr can utilize.

Is it expensive?

No! The app is free, but users need to have a Bluetooth enabled OBD reader to take advantage of petrolr features. There are numerous devices available from a variety or distributors for ~$10 and up.

If you do not already have an OBD reader you can purchase one here.

How do I connect my OBD reader?

When you first connect the OBD reader to your vehicle, you may need to "pair" the device to your phone via Bluetooth. First, make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. Search for the OBD reader and select it in order to "pair" with your phone. If prompted for a password try ‘1234‘ and connect.